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Kitsilano Community Acupuncture Clinic highly values your safety.  

For your peace of mind, the measures we will be taking to provide a safe Acupuncture treatment experience include, but are not limited to the following:

-Mask is now optional. We respect those who choose to continue to wear one and ask that you do the same. If you need a mask, please let us know. The practitioners will keep the masks on during the entire sessions.

-If you have any cold/flu symptoms OR any cough/sore throat, please do not come into the clinic. We can help you to reschedule the appointment.

-Friends, parents, and other family members will be asked to wait outside.

-We have hand sanitizers that we will ask you to use when you enter the clinic.

-All treatment recliners will be sterilized before each patient is seated.

-We will use disposable medical-examining sheets on top of the clothed sheets before each patient is seated.

-The waiting area and restroom will be cleaned and sterilized frequently throughout the day.

-All surfaces that came in contact with the patient will be wiped with disinfectant. 

-5 will be the maximum number of patients being treated inside. All recliners will be placed more than 6 feet apart.


-If you would like to pay electronically, please send us an e-transfer before your visit. If not prepaid, we will still accept cash. (No card machines in the clinic)



We appreciate your understanding and welcome any questions or feedback you may have.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you.

Before your visit

  • Please wear comfortable clothing, that can be rolled up to the elbows and knees.

  • Please avoid strong perfumes or aftershaves.

  • It is best to avoid caffeine or other stimulants for a couple of hours before you have an Acupuncture treatment.

  • If you wish, you are welcome to bring earplugs or eye masks.

During your visit +"Invisible Receptionist"

  • When you arrive for your treatment, please use a quiet voice when speaking inside the clinic to respect the other people being treated in the room.
  • If it is your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill out the intake form.
  • After you have removed shoes and outerwear, we ask that you pay before your treatment by placing cash and receipt inside of an envelope into our payment box. Record your name and the amount you paid on the receipt book. Envelopes and receipt books are placed on the reception table for you to write your own receipts.
  • If you are a returning patient, please leave your payment in your envelope and put it into the payment box, collect your things, and choose your favorite recliner.
  • Please make yourself comfortable, and relax!
  • Acupuncture treatments last about 45 minutes, and your total time in the clinic is usually about 50 mins.
  • After you have received a treatment your Acupuncturist will usually recommend a treatment plan of a number of visits. Please book yourself in for treatment if possible at the reception table. We only accept appointment at this time.

After your visit

  • You are likely to feel more relaxed. You may feel sleepy, or you may have more energy than when you came in. Try to connect with this sense before you return to the “real world”. Stay present with that heightened sense of awareness, and carry it with you into your day.
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