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Kitsilano Community Acupuncture has been very helpful to me for my tinnitus. Eric is gentle, knowledgeable, and devoted to helping others. I always felt like he seriously did his best to alleviate my problem in the most professional and thorough way. The treatments are relaxing and calming, and the clinic is clean, stress-free, and peaceful. Even though there are others nearby having their treatments, it still feels private, and everyone is respectful of each other. Please try this special oasis of health in Kitsilano!

-Larry & Nora

My husband and I have become regulars at Kitsilano Community Acupuncture over the last several months and are please to recommend Eric as an excellent practitioner. Without exception, every appointment results in a relaxing and refreshing experience. A minimum of 45 minutes of "zoning out" while specifically place needles work their magic. Eric has a knowledgeable and comforting demeanour which just adds to the ambiance of this comm

unity healing oasis. Session pricing will meet all individuals financial abilities.

-Nicole & Grant

I had been looking for an acupuncture clinic that I could call home for quite a while and I'm happy to say I found it at Kitsilano Community Acupuncture. I came in for a sore neck and back, but also found relief for my anxiety, insomnia, and migraine issues as well. The treatment is always professional and compassionate. I also greatly appreciate the sliding scale payments, because cost has often been a barrier for me. The treatment is very high quality no matter what you can pay. The motto "Acupuncture for Everyone" is truly practiced here. I am so grateful I found this place.


Eric is a true healer and truly cares for the highest and best of every patient he treats. He is an excellent acupuncturist with the biggest heart and effectively gets to the route cause of your pain or illness with the utmost integrity in his practice. He brings deep compassion and kindness into his work, even when the needle may not be the most comfortable, he helps you to break through and you come out feeling better at the end most relaxed, balanced and calm. As a regular patient myself, I can say I've made quantum shifts in my health and energy levels. If you want to do a serious detox, purge negative energy, bring harmony into your system or whatever your needs are, see Eric !!!

-Michelle D.

I was very skeptical about acupuncture as I had never tried it before, but ever since coming to Kitsilano Community Acupuncture I am a true believer. It has helped me so much with my menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia & anxiety. Eric is very caring & professional & it is a nice relaxing environment that always has me looking forward to my next appointment. I would highly recommend giving it a won't be disappointed!!

-Linda V.

I began seeing Eric over a year ago for problems related to hormone regulation as well as anxiety. I had been told by multiple medical doctors that I would not be able to get pregnant. I decided to take matters into my own hands and did a bit of research. I began a program with Eric that included acupuncture and then some herbs. I am happy to say I was able to get pregnant, and going to Eric is the best solution for my anxiety as well. I have learned, through conversations with him, that acupuncture helps injuries, muscle soreness, allergies, SAD… the list goes on. When I go for my appointments with Eric I look forward to a conversation with a nurturing, kind, empathetic, and knowledgeable professional who truly cares about his patients. I always have a much-needed nap, too! The environment is relaxing and inviting. I highly recommend going to see Eric for all of your mental, physical and emotional needs. You won’t be sorry and he has the best price around.”

-Kate A.

I've had an incredibly positive experience with Kitsilano Community Acupuncture. Eric is extremely intuitive and answers all my questions kindly. I really appreciate the way he explains things to me through a TCM lens. Eric is knowledgable in his art and gentle with his clients. The clinic itself is designed well to accommodate the community setup. It feels safe and relaxing. I started coming to Kitsilano Community Acupuncture at a particularly stressful point in my life and both Eric and the clinic have been vital to my healing journey. A million times, thank you!

-Rachelle Oak

Dear Eric, I just want to thank you. I have not felt this good in many years. 35 years ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered severe trauma which resulted in arthritis later in life. Pain and spasms have been constant companions until I started your treatments. After 3 treatments I'm walking without a cane and have been virtually spasm free. The pain has been greatly reduced, I'm sleeping better and my appetite has improved.

I may have put off this treatment due to skepticism and wished I hadn't but that being said and moving forward in my healing process I highly recommend it.

-Robert H.

Eric is an exceptional Acupuncturist dedicated to healing and helping others. Since coming here I can say this is a rare person who gives feedback and integrity and his way of sensing your healing is great. He gives me peace of mind. My heart condition and the whole body is onto wellness. Discover your own experience with Eric. I highly recommend Kitsilano Community Acupuncture.

-Maia D.

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